Hyle, pronounced /ˈhaɪliː/, from the ancient Greek word «ὕλη». Matter. Material. What matters. Hyle is a brand of limited edition, handcrafted, functional art objects.


Project collections of usable pieces that act as catalysts to open the eyes and soul to the rich diversity of Greece’s landscapes, history and cultural heritage. Transformation meets inspiration and together produce the experience of unique artisanal designs that challenge perception. Hyle is matter and art that provoke the senses and create everyday rituals.


Senses of Skyros

Hyle’s first project collection is dedicated to the untamed island of Skyros. “Senses of Skyros” presents multifunctional art ceramics like vases and bottles, bowls, plates and plateaus, even hanging bells, made by stoneware clay, high fired at 1220 °C.

“Senses of Skyros” is a limited-edition collection that evokes the geology and landforms of the island. Inspiration for the textures is drawn from the rare terrain of the old quarry called “pouria”. Shapes, forms and colors are widely influenced by the whitewashed walls of the villages and the “apokries” local carnival tradition.

The ceramics reflect the dramatic contrasts of Skyros but also its effortless simplicity and cultural authenticity. The designs experiment between functionality and art. The uniqueness of textures will make you cherish every memory from Skyros.

Available online and in store. Contact Hyle for more info.

Environmental footprint

Hyle joins the good fight against environmental degradation. All items are produced using materials and techniques that do not contribute to the climate crisis. Hyle commits to always cause the lowest possible carbon footprint, all while ensuring the Hyle art objects impeccable quality.

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